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Step-by-Step Commercial Carpet Cleaning Process

  1. Inspection & Estimate. We only charge for what we clean. We will deduct out for any furniture or other large items we cannot move so if we don’t clean it, you don’t pay it.
  2. Proper Pre-Conditioning & Deodorizer/ Disinfectant is applied.
  3. Based on the type of carpet fiber to be cleaned:
    • Carpet pile is agitated for thorough soil suspension.
    • Carpet is steam rinsed using our encapsulating rinse-free Solution. This will continue to clean and capture any remaining soil during the drying process.
  4. Post Spot Treat any stains still present.
  5. Groom carpet.

Carpets will be damp 2-4 hours depending on fiber type, soil content & environment conditions.

Available exclusively for our Baltimore commercial carpet cleaning clients is our new enzyme-based pre-conditioner that is used as our pre-spray.